What do chatbots and free spins have in common?

The iGaming industry is clearly growing more and more for every single quarter now. The figures from the whole industry are going through the roof now. This leaves us with an industry and companies that really pushes the technology forward. They really have to so that they not slip after or even try to stay ahead of the competition. We see a lot of innovation in everything from Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Artifical Intelligence, Cryptocurrency. That leaves us to the question in our heading of this post. What do chatbots and free spins have in common?

Chatbots as customer support

Chatbots are clearly a really great solution for several different areas for the casino and slot developers in the gaming world. We have already seen how they have taken over customer support on many casino platforms nowadays. It’s clear that they can handle and answer the most basic questions that many casino players ask every single day. Chatbots can also give you support all day all night, answer instantly. And for the casinos, they will have much more reasonable wages than the human support team. Chatbots are simply something for the future in customer support. They give a  seamless experience and value for the players. Someone guesstimated that by the end of the year 2023, the vast majority of player and gamers questions can be predicted and answered by a chatbot.

In-game bots with built-in chat

It has even gone so far that many of the game development companies have started to integrate them into the games itself. This prevents players from getting irritated by bugs or issues in the game. Because they can report or give tips on how to get around them directly in-game. They can also get smart notifications when they are stuck and need help to come forward in the game. In the end, everything is about keeping players entertained and engaged. The more players stay in-game, the more obsessed they become, spending more dough and eventually more revenue to the companies.


You do not need to be a math genius to figure out where all this is going. We can all conclude that chatbots and other smart innovative technologies improve the experiences for players. However, the most important thing the chatbots really do result in is free spins to the players. Now you may be thinking but how did you conclude that. Simply lower cost for the casino more free spins to retain good players. Sometimes it’s not harder than that to make a good outlook for what’s coming in the future.