The Angler

A slot game about fishing. Who would have thought of creating it? Well, BetSoft has made it their mission to create one such game, and they have called it The Angler. Now, BetSoft is known as one of the greatest companies in the field of online slot game design, among other things, and a game created by BetSoft is somewhat of a seal of guarantee that the game will have high production values and that it will be of high quality. So… what’s this game all about? Is it fun? Does it have a background story?

Symbols and features of The Angler

the angler slot

No matter who you are, chances are that you have come in contact at some point or another in your life with a slot machine. Now, you may or may not know all the rules and pay lines and symbol of the slots – but you definitely know that there are spinning symbols and that there are combinations of symbols that can win you money. Well, the case is exactly the same with The Angler by BetSoft, only now you won’t be playing the slot in the real world – but online. You have to place a bet and hit the spin button, and hope for the best. There are various different symbols in the game, of higher and lower value.

Some of the symbols in The Angler

Your winnings are dependent on the symbols that you will use in order to get them. The symbols of higher value are those of the fisherman himself, and of exotic fish. Lower value symbols are those of high cards. There’s a wild symbol in the form of an octopus, and a scatter symbol in the form of a sea shell – three or more of these can bring you free spins during which the wild symbols are sticky. There’s also a bonus game that you can access by getting three bonus symbols, and then Otis, the fisherman, will go on a fishing expedition in the lake. You will be able to pick whether to pull out a fish, or reel it in – and you will be able to get handsome prizes for the fish that you will catch in this way.

the angler slot

Graphics and story

There is not much of a story behind The Angler slot game – after all it’s a slot about fishing. The core of it is the following – you follow Otis the fisherman on his mission to catch the biggest fish that he can. As simple as that. The game features handsome visuals – though don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to the tune of special effects and drawn-out visual features. Otis is a fun character that yells every time you make a winning combination, and this makes the game a lot of fun. The music is simple and fun to listen to, and it manages to add in to the overall atmosphere of the game.

the angler slot bonusFinal notes on The Angler

Regardless if you enjoy fishing for real – you should try this game out. The Angler slot game has some interesting features that won’t leave you indifferent, and you’ll be able to have a lot of fun while playing it.