Slot Review

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different slot games that are designed on a daily basis. The advent of the internet has made it possible for online casinos to spring up, and these online casinos have a need of streams of new slot games that will entice the gamblers to play them at their particular casinos. So, you as a gambler should rejoice in the fact that in any given day there are slot games that are being created by big game designing companies from all around the world. One such company is the giant NetEnt, and one of their best games is the Guns N Roses slot game.

guns n roses slot

Music and theme of Guns N Roses slot

Rock fans and lay people alike ought to know what Guns N Roses is all about. They ought to know the legendary rock group that has made “earth-shattering” hits such as “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “November Rain”. As it turns out, you will be able to hear these two hits, as well as three other hits from this same group, while you’re playing the game. And the game itself is set on a rock concert, with a big crowd in the background. And the crowd is not static; the people of the crowd move while you’re playing, and they cheer when you will strike a winning combination. The symbols themselves are made in the rock music fashion; and you will be able to see some of your favorite rock singers and guitar and drum players in this game.

How to play the game

You play this game as you would play any other slot game. You press the spin button, and the symbols begin to swirl on the reels, and you get a new combination of symbols. Each symbol has its own value of course; and you can check the assorted value in the pay table that’s available within the game. There is a total of 20 pay lines, and they are fixed, meaning you won’t be able to change the number of pay lines you’re willing to play on. Finally, there are a number of bonuses that you will be able to get.

guns n roses slot bonusThe Crowd Pleaser

The first bonus is called Crowd Pleaser, and here you will be able to click and pick some prizes. The second bonus is the Encore Free Spins, and this bonus will give you 10 free spins. The third and final bonus comes in the form of free coins. You can activate these bonuses if you get three bonus symbols anywhere along the pay lines in any given single spin. There are also some wild symbols which come in different shapes, the stacked wild, the appetite of destruction wild, and the regular wild; they all substitute the various symbols of the game so that you can make a winning combination.

Final verdict on Guns N Roses slot

This is a fun game that can be picked up and played by anybody – regardless if you’re a rock fan or you have no clue about rock music, or the eponymous Guns N Roses band.