Double Stacks Slot Review

Double Stacks is a slot game made by NetEnt. If you’re a fan of slots, then you’re definitely well-versed in NetEnt games. This company has made many different slots. And they are some of the best in the field. And today you will get to read about Double Stacks. This is one of the newer games that NetEnt has made. You’ll see more about its main features and its theme. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The theme of Double Stacks

double stacks slot netentPerhaps you’ve gotten used to the NetEnt games featuring elaborate storylines. Well, though this may be the case with many of NetEnt’s games, it isn’t with Double Stacks. This game has no storyline whatsoever. What you have left with is the setting of a casino atmosphere where you can play a classic slot game. The music is excellent, to this end. It’s really catchy and fun to listen to. You will be able to immerse yourself deeper into the atmosphere with its help.


Since NetEnt hasn’t made a big investment into developing the atmosphere of Double Stacks, we’re onto the gameplay. And the gameplay is very fun. We’re not only talking about the smooth and beautiful animations and visuals. The actual slot is very fun to play, too. There are many different classic symbols that you can find in the old slots. For example, there’s the good old lucky number 7. There are also diamonds, cherries, bells, watermelons, and others. This means that NetEnt has taken the classic approach to develop this slot.

But where this game separates from the competition is in the fact it offers some special features. There is a scatter symbol and a wild. The more scatters you gather on a single spin, the higher the number of free spins you’ll get. And the wild, of course, takes the form of all the other symbols except the scatter. You can also get the most valuable symbols to stack on the reels. If a reel stops and the symbols are of the same kind – then they double up. This is the origin of the name of the game – Double Stacks. They will bring twice the rewards for you. The game has only 10 pay lines in total.

In conclusion

So, there you go, this is what Double Stacks is all about. You now know all you need to know in order to decide whether to play this game. We hope you’ll have fun with it.