Divine Fortune slot

Divine Fortune is a well-known and beloved slot game that you can play in some of the online casinos. It’s very popular among players and gamblers from all walks of life – and there are several reasons for this. First of all, this game is created by none other than the best known online gambling game designing company in the world – NetEnt. If an online gambling game is designed by NetEnt; then this is an outright guarantee that the game will be of high quality – and that you should try it out if you seek the best slot games online.

divine fortune slotWhat Divine Fortune slot is all about

First of all, this game features 20 pay lines. This is very important for you to know because of the fact that it means that you will have to place a bit bigger bets than you would, if you have played games with lower number of pay lines. The pay lines are fixed, and you can’t change their number. Other than that, the core of the game is the same like that of all other slot games. You start playing the game – you place your bets, you press the spin button, and you hope for the best.

This is the tried and true formula of slot games – and it’s what makes them so appealing for most people that play them. Of course, things are not so simple; and there are a few additions to this formula. If there weren’t then this game would not differ from all other slot games whatsoever. But there are certain additions to the core of the game – if you wish to know more about them, then read on.

Bonus features to the Divine Fortune slot

This game features multiple special symbols that you can play with in order to both increase your chances of winning something, and of increasing your winnings altogether. The first special symbol is the wild symbol. So far so good – you have most likely come in contact with this type of symbol in other slot games. This is a ubiquitous symbol and it’s widely available in the world of slot games – this symbol serves the purpose of taking the role of other symbols.

divine fortune slot freespins

Wild symbol

For example, in the context of this game, you may need the symbol of a hawk in order to make a winning combination. Or the symbol of the lion. Either way, the wild symbol will take the function of any symbol you may need, except the bonus symbols. There’s the falling wilds feature; which means that the wild symbols may last for more than one round – and there’s the spreading wilds feature, meaning the wild symbols can take entire reels. The bonus symbols are the Free Spins symbol; which speaks for itself, and the scatter symbol which will give you access to a bonus game where you can win handsome rewards.

Divine Fortune slot summary

This is a game with a theme of ancient mythology. If you find that you’re fascinated by this element of life, then you will like playing it. We hope that you will enjoy doing so!