Coins of Egypt Slot Review

In September of 2018, Net Ent released Coins of Egypt, one of its newest online slot machines. Though it is far from being an unusual theme, the game still stands heads above others with a similar theme.

Graphics, Background and Symbols

There is no lack of high quality when it comes to the symbols and other graphics used in the game. The background of Coins of Egypt features a cloudy sky and an ominous location. Framing the game screen are deities and palm trees.

The symbols players will see on the reels represent classic Egyptian culture. They include creatures that resemble bugs and is each carrying their own stone. Players will want to watch out for the scorpion and the small handful of Egyptian Gods. The Egyptian Gods are Wadjet, Isus, Anubis and Bastet. The wild symbol in the game is a golden scarab while the scatter symbol is a white pearl complete with orbiting golden bracelets.

Bonus Features at Coins of Egypt

coins of egypt slot netentPlayers love the Pharaoh coins, considered to be one of the game’s bonus features. When players get these coins on the first, third and fifth reels, along with the mummy symbol they win a cash prize that is accompanied by a multiplier that at the very least will double a player’s winnings.

It is also beneficial to players when the scatter symbol lands on the first, third and fifth reels after a single spin. When this happens, players are taken to a new game screen where they see three treasure chests. One is represented by a Ruby Eagle, one is represented by an Emerald Snake and one is represented by a Golden Cat. Each chest is meant to collect the treasures that fall from the reels in the form of coins. Free spins continue when three of the same symbols appear on the reels within a spin.

Final Thoughts

Though this game isn’t overly packed with bonuses, it can still be fun for players. Many players enjoy the Egyptian theme to begin with, and the special coins only serve to add to their overall enjoyment.

The 3D graphics used in this game help suck players into the world it creates. The graphics are just spooky enough to be interesting and are excellent at reflecting the game’s theme. The symbols on the reels seem lifelike to many players who have tried Coins of Egypt.

High rollers may not find this game to their liking, but casual players will likely compare it to other similarly themed games in a positive way. It stands to reason that players who already have an interest in Egyptian culture will find that this game is a real treat. It can also be a great way to inspire those who aren’t interested in the culture to become interested in it. Only time will tell how successful Coins of Egypt is and how many online casinos choose to add it to their collection. Players alike may find themselves gravitating towards this new take on a classic theme.