Big Bad Wolf

You may think that the ideas of the theme of a slot game are all exhausted. It’s easy to see why – as there are thousands upon thousands of different slot games that you can play. But this is far from the case – as game designers such as NetEnt continue to create games centered on new ideas. One such game is the Big Bad Wolf slot game; also created by NetEnt. It’s a game about the three little pigs and the big bad wolf – a classical story that you must have heard about at some point or another in your life – probably when you were just a kid.

Rules and symbols at Big Bad Wolf slot

Slot machines and games are incredibly simple in design. You will be able to understand what they are all about even if you’re a small child – they are that simple. Chances are that you don’t even need an explanation on how to play the slot games – but here it goes: you place your bets, you hit the spin button, and you enjoy the ride. Of course, there are game-specific rules that you must obey – for example, the number of pay lines; whether they are fixed or not, the various symbols and their meaning, the scatters, the wilds, and other important tidbits in the game. Such is the case with this game as well.

There are the symbols of the lowest value, the card numbers. There’s the medium-value symbols – the pigs themselves. And there are the special symbols such as the wild symbol in the bee hive, and the scatter symbols. If you can hit three moon symbols; then you will get 2 free spins. If you can hit 6, then you will get 2 free spins, and a 2x multiplier bonus. This is the so called blowing down the house feature, in which the wolf comes and blows the house down. By the way, if you get three scatter symbols on the game, then you will get 10 free bonus spins.big bad wolf slot

Graphics of the game

The graphics of the game are a bit cartoonish. Of course, this may turn some people off. Luckily, there are many other games that you can try playing, and they all have various themes that they cover. But if you’re a type of person that likes to see cartoons, and that is fascinated by the classical children’s stories; then you will positively love the graphics and the overall feel of this game. The game is designed with exquisite attention to detail, and you would expect nothing less from the game designer NetEnt.

Final words on the Big Bad Wolf slot

Overall, this is a really fun game that you can pick up and play no matter who you are. After all, you wouldn’t want to give too much thought to it; and the reality is that you’re playing slots because you’re willing to relax from the stresses of your day to day life, by playing something really simple. If you’re after this type of experience, then you will love this game.