Fruitbat Crazy by Betsoft – a classic fruit slot game

Betsoft’s name needs no introduction. It’s one of the biggest companies in the field of online slot development. And one of the newest games that this company has made bears the name Fruitbat Crazy. It’s a weird name, to say the least. But when it comes to slot games – anything goes, we suppose. To that end, you can read more about this slot game down below. For Canadian players, we can really recommend Dreamz Canada if you want to play this game.

The crazy fruit bat

fruitbat crazy slotWhat’s wrong with the fruit bat in this game? Nothing’s wrong, it’s just crazy. But crazy in a positive way. The bat has a big, friendly smile. It’s the main symbol of the game. Aside from the crazy fruit bat, everything else about this game looks like a classic slot. And this is where the fruit bat comes into play – this is a classic fruit slot. The twist is that it uses more modern technology. It has enhanced visuals and sounds. And you will enjoy your experience a bit more given the fact that the game is modern.

The music is nothing special – it’s a simple, happy tune. It’s a lot better to hear this tune though than to have a sad, melodramatic tune. But don’t expect any Oscar performance for best song of the year. As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph – it’s a simple slot game. Don’t think too deeply into it. The symbols, except for the bat, are all fruits. There are watermelons, cherries, plums, oranges, you name it. A classic fruit slot, at that.

The features of the game

Now, what can you look forward to in this game? Well, there are 243 ways to win. So, in this regard, this game differs from the classic fruit slots that had 9 ways to win. There’s the classic five reel, three row setup. And there are a few solid features.

First of all, the main symbol of the game is the fruit bat. This is a special symbol. If you get three or more of them, then you will be rewarded for it. You can get an incredible number of free spins if you manage to get more than 3 fruit bats in a single spin. Also, the winning combinations explode. New symbols take the place of the old ones and you can make new wins with their help. Also, there is another interesting feature. You can access the free spins without getting any fruit bats. And the way to do this is to buy the free spins feature itself. You can purchase up to 20 free spins in this way and you can select the wager size for each free spin. It’s a gamble – if you could win more than you have paid for the feature – then you’re good.

Fruitbat Crazy – In conclusion

So, FruitBat Crazy by Betsoft doesn’t bring anything new to the table. But then again – perhaps this was the idea in the first place. It works just right as a classic fruit slot and it’s fun enough to make you want to play it.