More than free spins at Insta Casino!

Sometimes, we get blown away by the fun and unique bonus promotions some online casinos hand out to us. This is surely a way for them to attract new players on a market that from time to time feels quite conservative. But, along with the large growth of new brands on the market, new promotions (and other features, for that matter) are a must. This is why we were very delighted when we this morning noticed that Insta Casino has a nice new free spins offer. Their Mid-Month Marathon, where you have the possibility to win MegaSpins as well as SuperSpins and their very own RealSpins.

More about the Mid-Month Marathon at Insta Casino

insta casino mid month marathonSince you are visiting this site, you probably are a person delighted in free spins. And guess what? So are we. This is why we thought that this bonus offer was something not to miss out on. Compared to “normal” free spins, the MegaSpins, SuperSpins and RealSpins are worth a lot more. It might differ some between different casinos. However, at Insta Casino, a MegaSpin is worth €2, a SuperSpin €1 and a RealSpin €0.2. This might not sound that much. But, many free spins are worth about €0.02. So, a MegaSpin is up to 100 times bigger. This results in your winning are able to multiply with the same amount. If you, as an example, win €30 on a free spin. If that was a MegaSpin, it would have been €3000! So, now when we probably got your attention – how do you get these badass spins then?

By playing a specific slot machine, which you can read more about at Insta Casino’s website, you will collect points. The competition time is from today, the 15th of November until the 21s. So, you got six days to collect as many points as possible. There are 20 winners all in all, and the first prize is not less than 50 MegaSpins. As you can imagine, with a little bit of luck – they will be worth a fortune!

So, log on to Insta Casino today and take part in the Mid-Month Marathon and make sure to play a lot and win that competition and those spins!