It’s all about Esport

An increasing number of gaming companies and media companies are now interested in the phenomenon that is Esport; and pay attention to this in different ways. For example, MTG paid one billion for the rights to the growing Esports league ESL, which together with other major competitions and events; attracts thousands of people to arenas and millions of people online.

Streaming Services

Thanks to the Twitch streaming service, E-sport has also reached over 100 million unique viewers each month. Increasing investment by major companies like Intel and Redbull; has made Esports a community trend with a lot of money and glory. Thus, betting has also become part of the E-sport culture and the next step for the gaming companies is inevitably widening their odds range; to bring us closer to the experience – and become part of the show.Esport

Esport betting – how does it work?

Betting on Esports works just as usual; with regular decimal odds like any other sport you’ve played before. If you are new to betting, you will be guaranteed to learn the ropes quickly. When you log in to your game account at a gaming-company that offers odds on digital sports, you will find the various markets that are currently playing, ie events, matches and tournaments that are either in progress or going live in the near future – such as League of Legends tournaments; or any other Esports tournament.

You then bet on the team that you think will win, but sometimes it is also possible to bet on which team or player that will win a specific tournament. Some betting sites also offer the opportunity to play on a team or player to reach the final. Most often, a team or player is a fairly big favorite, because Esport’s odds with good game value can sometimes be difficult to find.

Esport’s bonuses

As Esport’s betting goes under the usual betting marketplace. It’s very good to use a welcome bonus when playing on E-sports such as League of Legends, and similar tournaments. As Esport grows for each year, it will be tailored even more in terms of odds, bonuses and promotions from gaming companies in the future; so it’s definitely worth paying a little attention. For example, Betway and Superlenny offer players 100% of deposit bonus up to $ 100, while LeoVegas offers 100% up to $ 500. The bonuses must usually be activated before they become valid.